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Winter Update 2017

Dear friends, family, and loyal customers:

Hope this finds everyone ready to take on the New Year after a happy and celebratory holiday season. I'm sure some of you were both naughty and nice, and some basked in the glow of the Festival of Lights but either way, we hope it was a holiday blessed with peace and joy.

We, at Adcorp, are poised and ready to tackle all we have planned for 2018. We will be riding the wave of our successes and achievements in 2017 to make this another banner year for us.

Let's see what kept us busy in 2017....


Ramping up of Digital Program Placement in Supermarkets
Adcorp360, our digital division, saw tremendous growth this year. As of this writing, there are over 225 stores that have our MarketVision and Deli Digital programs in-store. Our 'digital' footprint now extends as far south as Philly, up through New York and New Jersey, and continuing east thru Connecticut, up into Massachusetts.

Who jumped on the digital bandwagon in 2017:
  • The Foodtown and PriceRite chains came on board with our MarketVision program.
  • We expanded our partnership with Shoprite, mostly in CT, and got the 'go ahead' to install MarketVision programs in 6 Shoprite chains including, the Joseph Family, Cingari, Cohen, Drust, Charles Miller and Garafalo.

If your business is located near any of these markets, give us a call to learn about our digital programs and how these programs (and all of our programs!) can help build awareness of your business to your local target audience (who happen to be the shoppers in the store).

In an effort to be less placement specific of the product, and more relevant to how the shoppers are engaging with our products along their shopper journey we re-branded our two in-store digital programs under the header name of MarketVision.

The MarketVision Network is a series of screens placed along the main aisle/register area of the supermarket that shoppers use continuously to gain access to the inner aisles of the center store. As shoppers use the main aisle they are exposed to our network of screens, and the loop of content consisting of our customer's ad message and other content. And, of course, while they are on line at the register, they become a captive audience, exposed to the 4:00 loop of entertainment and customer advertising.

If we stay on pace, by the end of 2018 our MarketVision Network program will be installed in close to 200 supermarkets.

Our MarketVision Kiosk program consists of 4 or 5 kiosks or wall-mounted hi-def screens strategically placed in departments that are heavily trafficked areas along the shopper journey, and where there is ‘dwell' time. This allows for maximum exposure and engagement of your message to shoppers.

Chime In TV

We're in the Entertainment Business!
Digital entertainment and digital content has been such a hot button in the social media, entertainment and ad industries over the past few years. A day doesn't go by where we haven't glanced at our phone to check social media and we can't help but be exposed to (and love) those videos including food recipe clips, style tips, memes, cute puppies and kittens – whatever it may be, we love to be entertained - our appetite is insatiable. And, most viewers don't know the difference between long or short content, as long as it's entertaining and engaging. So why not be entertained while you are shopping and waiting on line at the supermarket register? Right? That's what we thought...

So, in late 2017, Adcorp's 'ChimeIn TV' premiered on our MarketVision products. 'ChimeIn TV' is our entertainment network consisting of :15 ‘shorts' of fun facts, trivia, true/false, etc. cycled into our 4:00 loop of advertising and store promos. So now, when your customers (the shoppers) are using the main aisle in the supermarket or are on line at the register they will be entertained with some fun, ‘educational' content engaging them and keeping their attention throughout the 4:00 loop as they are also exposed to your advertising content and branding.

Welcome Center 3.0

We will be giving our Welcome Center a facelift this year. The Welcome Center is one of our more popular in-store print programs. The Welcome Center is strategically placed at the entrance of the store – your ad is the first thing shoppers see when they enter the store! – and it offers cart wipes and the store circular both of which are used by most shoppers.

The updated unit will be slimmer (isn't that everyone's new year's resolution) and we've created additional ad space opportunity on the unit for our customers.

TriplePlay 2017

We attended the TriplePlay Realtors Convention in Atlantic City again this year. Throughout the 2-day event, our booth was busy, visited by our real estate agent customers, and potentially new customers as well. Thanks to all the agents who stopped by to learn about our supermarket advertising programs!

Lisa Hill from Century21, Toms River, stopped by our booth to check out her new ad on our MarketVision Network product at the checkout! Thanks, Lisa!


We are happy to have hosted another internship program for the spring and summer this year. In fact, our spring intern Liyah, from a local high school, did such a great job, we offered her a part time summer position!

To learn more about our internship programs, at a high school or college level, please visit the careers page on our web site.

Share Your Selfie

‘Share Your Selfie' was a fun, Facebook campaign that we created back in 2013 to get more fans and activity on our Facebook page. It involves customers submitting a ‘selfie' taken by their ad once it's placed in the store. We've had photos submitted by our customers by their cart ad, Welcome Center and Info Center ad, sitting on the bench by their ad and, by their digital ad on the MarketVision Network. As a ‘Thank You' we send out a $25 gift card and we post a shout-out on our Facebook page. It's been such a success, we are entering our 5th year with this campaign. We encourage you all to submit a ‘selfie' and we will send you a gift card. Who couldn't use an extra $25!


Some milestone birthdays were celebrated this year! Amanda, our Operations Manager, ‘turned' 30 and became a first-time mom this year! Lisa, our CMO, turned...well...much older than 30 this year. We forgot Alex's birthday last year (he's one of our talented motion graphic producers) so he turned 29 AND 30 this year.


While we work hard every day, there's always room for a little fun. Yes, it's the old adage ‘work hard, play hard' that works so well for us...

Take a look....

Our creative team played hooky and went to a Yankee game (but we found them!)

Sales Meetings
We are busting at the seams every month when we have our sales meetings. It's a great opportunity for our home team and sales team to get together, share updates and congratulate the monthly achievements.

Holiday Celebrations
Like all families, our Adcorp family looks forward to celebrating the holidays together and those occasions never disappoint...

We love to welcome customers into our family and we got a little formal about it this year and started our Concierge Program. For those of you who are new to the family you received our Welcome Package consisting of a welcome letter from Ines, our Concierge. The letter reiterates the specifics about the advertising program you purchased, information about our other business-building services, and encourages you to call Ines if you have any questions, as she is your point person and can direct you to the right person.

You also receive a ‘What's Next' card that tells you what you can expect as your ad is produced and goes through our process and lastly, we send along one of our recycled/reusable shopping bags.

We thank you for your business and welcome to the Adcorp family....

Adcorp Agency

‘Fresh Broccole' Re-Design
Our blog was created with a purpose to reach out and connect with business owners in order to offer them informative and entertaining blog articles with insights on media, advertising, business building and more.

Click here see our new ‘Fresh Broccole' blog design and one of our new year's resolutions is to post more often…we promise. We've got so much to share!

Branding and Web Design
Brand building is a critical part of any local business' marketing plan and our full service agency business is expanding!

Our services provide you with the means to identify and build your brand through logo development, print collateral and digital and web work. Whether our customers are in need of an entirely new logo exploratory, print collateral (business cards, direct mail, brochures, gift certificates and more), or social media efforts, our agency can provide your business with any and all the tools for your marketing efforts.

We design and develop web sites with the latest SEO features, stunning designs and a scrolling interface that is responsive on all devices and screen sizes!

Take a look at some of the work we produced this year...

If your business is in need of a new logo or revised branding, sales materials or a web site/web site makeover, please contact us and we'll put ourselves to work for you.

From all of us at Adcorp Media Group,

It has been a pleasure to provide you, our loyal customers, with our programs and services throughout the years. As 2017 has come to a close with 2018 on the horizon, we would like to let you know how much we appreciate your continued patronage.

We look forward to working with you for many more years and we are committed to bringing you the best products and service at a personal level. We truly value your business and we continue to wish you and your business endeavors continued success.

Thank You.


The Adcorp Media Group Family

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