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At Adcorp Media Group we take your business personally...because we know that you do!

In this respect, our approach is different from traditional advertising and media communication companies. We don't fit the mold.

We believe in conversations, communication, having discussions (sort of a lost art in today's world of technology and data mining, and so on...). Rather than telling our customers what to do, we team up with them to identify ways to help them grow their business.

We have found that our own business has succeeded based on teamwork, so we practice what we preach and team up with our clients, getting 'personal' with them, in order to identify the right business solution (we may even hug you at some point).

We learn everything there is to know about how you run your business, the value of your products and services, and endeavor to understand who you are, and who your target is and then create a personalized plan to communicate your message to your audience. We do this by getting personal with our clients, to help them create a better personal connection with their customers. We offer targeted, in-store supermarket media, graphic design, plus digital and web design.

So, you'll never hear us say, 'It's not personal, it's just business' because we take our clients business personally as we take our own.

Our Team

We are a fun, diverse group of folks, loving what we do, great at what we do, doing it all for our customers. Our growth from a start up business to where we are today offers testimony to our commitment to excellence, starting with our sales team, our customer service department, to our professional installation and maintenance crew. At any time you may speak to any one of us, so here is your chance to put a face to a voice.

Meet our crazy crew...

Peter Broccole President, CEO Founder. Dog lover. Race car driver (he thinks). All around good guy.
Gary Harris National Sales Director The Wise Man. Motivator. Storyteller.
Lisa Lindsay Chief Marketing Officer Branding. Keeping promises. Always has the right word.
Tim Schneider Digital and Technical Director An eye for design. Numbers on the board. Fast cars.
Eva Broccole Chief Financial Officer Green is good. Contagious laugh. Team player.
Jasmine Perez Manager of Business Development Team work. Appointments. Ring. Ring. Ring.
Alicia Braccini Print Production Manager CMYK. RGB. Da Bears.
Michael Manfrida Installation Manager Schedule. Install. The "go to" guy.
50 South Buckhout HQ. Base of Operations.

Adcorp HQ is located along the Hudson River in the Trent Building which has a rich, interesting history. The beauty and history of this building has become a part of who we are. From spring to fall, trees usually obscure the view, but come winter, it's possible to observe the graceful gem that was originally known as the Cosmopolitan Magazine Building which housed the office of Cosmopolitan magazine beginning in 1895 for six years. Famed architect Stanford White designed the magazine's new offices, a three-story Neo-Classical Revival building, topped by three small domes. In subsequent years, the Irvington building housed a variety of manufacturing businesses, including Anton Chmela's General Quartz Laboratories. Chmela's company, which manufactured millions of quartz crystal oscillators used in radio broadcasting by the United States Government and Army in World War II, moved out in the 1940s. A series of other occupants plied their various trades on the site in the postwar years. Today, it is known as the Trent Building - we call it 'home'.

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Adcorp Media Group
505 White Plains Road
Tarrytown, NY 10591

Adcorp Media Group Ranked Among the Top Workplaces in the Lower Hudson Valley - Learn More
Adcorp Media Group of Irvinton NY has an A+ rating with the BBB
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