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It's July...can't believe we are starting the second half of the year! Yikes, where does the time go? Wanted to share with you what's been keeping us busy over the last six months... read on...

We're Growing!

We’re exceeding our maximum capacity! With each monthly meeting, we’re adding more and more chairs as our sales team continues to expand. Our sales workshops have been successful in teaching our reps about the strategic and branding benefits of our in-store media, so that they can educate our clients about how best to reach their customers.

This spring, we had the pleasure of sponsoring a local high school student for her senior internship. The internship ran for 6 weeks and during that time Liyah assisted our managers in their day-to-day tasks and observed the behind-the-scenes processes of marketing and advertising. She also took over our social media campaign for those few weeks and chronicled her weeks with us on our Instagram account ( @adcorpmg ). She’s agreed to come on board and work with us part-time for a few weeks over the summer before she leaves for college in the fall.

Our geographic footprint continues to expand as we now offer over 2,000 advertising placement opportunities in 22 DMAs across the northeast and southern California. In addition, we’ve partnered with several new supermarket chains like Shoprite McMenamin in Philadelphia, Shoprite Greenfield on Long Island, and for the Shoprite Village chain we can now offer our CheckoutTV broadcast program and Adcorp Radio Network. These are all great opportunities for us to offer to local businesses to help reach their customers.

Have a Cigar!

Not that we promote smoking in the office but... we had a baby! At Adcorp Media Group, we see each member of our team as family. Congratulations to our Adcorp couple (we really keep it in the family) on becoming first time parents! Welcome Leela, born in April, on the day of our sales meeting! (A budding sales rep?)

Yoga Renewal – Get Back on the Mat!

We care about the wellness of our employees and we are always looking for new ways to get active together. We understand that movement and activities can boost your productivity throughout the day. In our efforts to encourage healthy habits, improve overall happiness and connect with our team, we have decided to bring back our weekly yoga sessions! This program first began thanks to a longtime customer of ours, Michael Gulyas, owner of Born Ready Fitness. Mike inspired us to get moving and showed us how being active can benefit everyone in the workplace. Yoga is a proven way to relieve stress and get active. Bonus! has amazing health benefits such as improving your cardio, respiratory and circulatory health while also boosting your energy and vitality. Namaste...

Checkout Advertising

Adcorp360 continues with the rollout of our CheckoutTV digital program. With installations in 45 stores in the New York Metro and New Jersey areas by June, and close to 100 by year end, our CheckoutTV program has proven to be a welcome addition to our in-store supermarket programs and will be a great opportunity for local businesses and national advertisers to build their brands and deliver their message to shoppers.

Keeping up with the media consumption trends of today’s consumers, Adcorp Media Group, through our Adcorp360 division, is happy to offer our local, regional and national advertisers the opportunity to utilize digital media as part of their marketing programs.

Adcorp Joins the DPAA

Adcorp Media Group received some great press coverage with regard to our membership with the DPAA (Digital Place-Based Advertising Association)! The DPAA is a digital out-of-home marketing association that has created a strong community environment in which members drive and promote their digital capabilities.

"Adcorp Media Group's supermarket high-definition video screens with content and advertising, along with their other in-store marketing products, are a great point-of-purchase opportunity for brands since Adcorp reaches consumers at all stages of the in-store experience," said Barry Frey, President & CEO of DPAA. "We welcome Adcorp to our membership ranks and look forward to providing them with insights, data and connections to help grow the screen segment of their business."

We are looking forward to connecting with other members and those in the digital community as a means to work with national brands in order to be an integral part of their digital and out-of-home media campaigns.


We are a pet-friendly office and our furry friends are considered to be part of the Adcorp Media Group family! Come to our office and you’re sure to find at least one canine to greet you. (we’re working on getting some cats to visit as well!)

We also welcomed some furry friends from Puppy Paradise, a dog and cat retailer in Brooklyn, and enjoyed some well-deserved puppy therapy. According to a survey done by the Banfield Pet Hospital, workplace dogs are great for a happy office. The Banfield Hospital reports, "...overwhelmingly, responses indicate that pet-friendly workplaces are viewed as highly positive, boosting morale, contributing to talent retention and providing employers with a competitive edge in the recruitment process...".

Adcorp Radio Network – our newest program

Adcorp Radio is our newest program available to local business owners as part of our in-store supermarket products. We are currently rolling out Adcorp Radio in the 29 stores that make up the Village Shoprite chain.

Our in-store Adcorp Radio Network delivers your message to shoppers through our new targeted in-store radio programming. It’s the ‘everywhere medium’ as your radio commercial will reach every shopper, everywhere in the store, 2 times every hour. Adcorp Radio advertising offers you the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to a captive audience (can’t turn the page, can’t change the station!). Unlike local or regional radio advertising, with Adcorp Radio you are buying a specific audience – the prospects that are most important to your business.

Adcorp Radio

Radio is an active medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand, and selling your product or service. You have the opportunity to ‘speak’ to your future customers with a compelling message. Learn More

Redesign for the Adcorp Business Network

Adcorp Business Network, your online local business directory, has a new look! offers a mobile friendly business directory for local businesses. An listing can give our customers another way for online searchers to find their site and boost their page rank.

Adcorp Business Network - Your Local Business Directory

The Adcorp Business Network continues to include of all your favorite features including a custom written page with details promoting your business and services, and coding with responsive technology that optimizes your page for viewing on any sized device.

With our customers in mind, we have redesigned the site in order to boost your online listing with the newest SEO features. With enhanced features, clear navigation and fresh new aesthetics; we aim to increase the visibility of your listings, and therefore, further benefit your business.

Click here to see our new look!

Adcorp Agency

Brand building is a critical part of any local business’ marketing plan and our full service agency business is expanding!

Our marketing and business consulting teams help businesses discover their best path to growth by identifying the many ways and channels to connect their products and services to their best prospects. We conduct a deep dive into your business and industry and through strategic insights we identify your unique selling proposition and build your brand and its communications around that so your customers engage with your business as part of their daily life.

Our agency services utilize integrated marketing and advertising strategies to help define and increase your brand voice and maximize your brand awareness across different channels.

Our services provide you with the means to identify and build your brand through logo development, print collateral and digital and web work. Whether our customers are in need of an entirely new logo exploratory, print collateral (business cards, direct mail, brochures, gift certificates and more), or social media efforts, our agency can provide your business with any and all the tools for your marketing efforts.

We design and develop web sites with the latest SEO features, stunning designs and a scrolling interface that is responsive on all devices and screen sizes!

Through our integrated capabilities, our agency helps our clients to drive their brand growth across the many disciplines including brand message, creative, media platforms, digital and web technology.

From all of us at Adcorp Media Group,

It has been a pleasure to provide you, our loyal customers, with our programs and services throughout the years. As the summer continues, we would like to let you know how much we appreciate your continued patronage.

We look forward to working with you for many more years and we are committed to bringing you the best products and service at a personal level. We truly value your business and we continue to wish you and your business endeavors continued success.

Thank You.


The Adcorp Media Group Family

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