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Summer Update 2012

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Growing our Inventory

Our mission has always been to help build exceptional relationships between our small business customers and their prospects and communities. By offering our small business customers strategic media placement in store locations where your customers are likely to shop and see your advertising we can help you get your message in front of your target customer, and Get You Noticed. So with that in mind, we've spent the last few months pursuing supermarket partnerships and growing our list of cities and stores so we can offer you more inventory and more opportunities to target those specific cities and stores that are critical to your success as you develop and solidify your customer base.

We are happy to tell you that we have added new supermarket chains, and more stores to our list of display locations, expanding our footprint south and west:

New partnerships with:

- Western Beef in New York, New Jersey, Florida


- Redner's Markets in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania
- Fresh N Save in New York
- King Kullen in New York

More stores and inventory in:
DeCiccio's - additional stores in Putnam and Rockland counties
ShopRite - additional stores in Central Connecticut

Growing our customer base...

Adcorp LatinoAs of this writing, our partner company Adcorp Latino (, has been launched and we've already signed on with over 30 Latino supermarket chains and independents primarily in Florida, certain New York areas and California.

Given the latest trends and research that indicate that growth accelerates for ethnic supermarkets we felt there was a real opportunity to launch a partner company that would help our Latino small business owners develop their customer base through strategic placement of supermarket media in the growing number of targeted ethnic chains. 48.2% of ethnic supermarkets are Hispanic and cater specifically to our Latino small business owners' prospects.

Adcorp Latino is the only Latino owned and operated company in our industry. We are uniquely qualified to service the Latino small business owner because all of our management teams, our customer service department, our designers, and our professional installers and maintenance team are not only bi-lingual but also of Latin descent.

We look forward to developing strong relationships with our Latino small business owners, and helping them to grow their businesses through our suite of supermarket products and outstanding customer service.

Some chains we have partnered with include...

Connecting to the mobile and virtual world through AdcorpMobile.

As expected, we are always busy trying to find ways to help our small business customers grow, and it often involves thinking outside of the box and looking at current trends in consumer behavior and technology.

So here's what we've been researching...

We have identified a LBS (Location-based Service) mobile app that will allow our customers to reach their prospects with their message/promotion/specials - a GREAT tool to keep your customers coming through your door through loyalty programs and on-going specials, etc. It's merchant-friendly - you don't have to be a computer wiz to manage this - as well as user-friendly since many consumers are using these kinds of mobile apps to stay connected with their favorite businesses. Go to for more information.

We've also been working on virtual reality technology that will pair with our in-store print advertising. This technology will allow our customers to create and share amazing virtual content, integrated into the real world. Our plan will be to launch this technology at this year's 2012 Triple Play Convention and Trade Show. Stay Tuned...


We've Gone Hollywood

We are in the midst of post-production of our two new Infomercials which we will plan to upload to YouTube, and you will be able to access through our web site as well. The infomercials provide information about our company and services, and the benefits to our customers. We will let you know when we are 'live' and ready to sign autographs.


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